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Qi Beauty Intense Oil 15 ml


Qi Beauty Intense oil  is an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial oil that balances the sebum production to assist impaired skin function. It delivers intense nutritional support to skin, supporting the microbiome for healthy skin flora, and hydrating capabilities.  

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Qi beauty Intense Oil features Seabuckthorn Oil, which contains over 190 nutritional compounds and the highest source of Omega-7 and contains Omega-3 and 6… all capable of absorption through the skin.

The seabuckthorn berry contains an average of 35% of the rare and valuable palmitoleic acid needed for skin regeneration. Seabuckthorn oil works harmoniously with the Australian Jojoba oil to create a formula dubbed ‘food for skin’. A few drops of the Intense Oil is all you need to nourish skin.

There are several ways to use Intense Oil, but in every case it’s best used on warm, clean skin. Use with your Gua Sha or Jade roller. Massaging skin support lymphatic drainage and can brighten the complexion.


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